Certified Welding Inspections

SWEL are the only providers in the regional to offer Certified Welding Inspections.

Our end-to-end welding services also include independent welding inspections. Using the latest testing applications, including die-penetrate and magnetic particle non-destructive testing, we can identify weld imperfections which need to be rectified to ensure structural safety. Our senior certified welding inspectors can produce a PQR and WPS for clients’ specific requirements.

SWEL Welding Certifications:

CWI – Certified Welding Inspector
IIW International Welding Specialist
IWS Welding Supervisor AS 1796 Certificate 10 – Boiler and Pressure Vessels
IWS Welding Supervisor AS 2214 – Steel Structures
IWI S International Welding Inspection Senior


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